Tuesday, 18 October 2016

2016 Enviro leaders and leaders to be

What is Wai Care all about?

  • It’s about caring for our waterways and catchments.
  • It’s about communities taking action.
  • It’s about all of us learning together and caring for ‘our place’
  • It’s about kaitiakitanga.
Wai Care is a water quality monitoring, education and action programme for community groups, individuals, businesses and schools across the Auckland region. The Wai Care programme is about all of us, young and old, doing our bit to learn about and take care of local waterways and catchments.
Every week we go down to the stream near our school and test the water. We do tests to check the water clarity, Ph levels, temp and the dissolved oxygen. We also check to see what Invertebrates are living in our community streams.

Working hard to fill our watering cans for the vegetable garden

Cleaning up and preparing our butterfly house

Our garden is growing great

Making fire bricks to keep our homes warm on a cold night

Yummy!! Bubble and Squeak!!

Bagging up the Mulch

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Harvesting our vegetables for cooking

 Peeling the broad beans

Making potato fritters


Pulling out the weeds

 Playing 'Find the bear' in our school bush